2012 - Is It End Of The World?

2012, the year which has been the subject of much talk and discussion for the last 2 years, is finally here. Although the significance of 2012 as a very special year began to take form in the minds of the public when the existence of the Mayan Calendar was brought to attention, it was really the blockbuster disaster movie "2012" that really left its mark on many audiences worldwide, and helped to highlight its significance. 2012 then became the year to either look forward to with joy, or with fear.

I shall not repeat the commonly known facts about the Mayan Calendar, which can be easily found on the Internet and books. There are a few different interpretations of the last date that this ancient calendar indicated, ranging from a date in 2011 to the much more well known date of 21 December 2012. Many of the major religious and spiritual texts from ancient past have also described an apocalypse of some sort in the future, that has been called by different names like "End of the World", "End Times", "Second Coming", "Judgement Day" etc.

So, the question is: Will the world really end in 2012, when mankind faces an extinction event similar to that which killed off the dinosaurs as portrayed in the movie "2012"? The discussions about what will happen in 2012 are quickly gathering momentum globally, both in secular groups as well as in religious and spiritual groups.

This is especially so when the year of 2011 has had more than its normal share of occurrences of catastrophes and mass deaths from disasters around the world, like Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, etc. The world appears to have become much more chaotic and unrecognisable with unprecedented "Arab Spring" uprisings in Middle East and North Africa, mass "Occupy" protests growing rapidly from the US to other parts of the world, a massive financial meltdown hanging in the balance of possible collapse of the Eurozone, and the once-economically powerful US being strangled by its massive debts.

Living Light Universe would not dwell into the religious interpretations of what is currently happening, as everyone has the right to his own beliefs. But we have a role to play in the Universe to guide and help Earth and her people, and as such, it is time that we share more information of what is happening and will happen in the future ahead. Similarly for all other materials on our website, we urge all readers to just take the information that resonates with you now, and leave the rest to a future time when they can make sense to you. There is a Divine Time for everything.

Living Light Universe would like to say to all readers: the world will not end on 21 December 2012. So, does it mean that mankind should just treat 2012 as just another normal year, and continue to live as we have always done so for the past centuries?

Though there will not be End of the World in 2012, but there will be massive unprecedented visible changes starting in 2012 and lasting till 2013 and beyond, that will impact almost all aspects of life on Earth. With the intensifying Earth changes, there will be many more lives lost and damages in certain parts of the world. Though death remains a taboo topic and frightening part of life for much of the world, when more people can understand what is death really about, and what actually happens when we die, the fear of death will give way to a more positive form of living in the present time. We will share more about the important topic of Death in the near future.

Why will there be massive changes in 2012? The reason is that there is truly a significance with regards to the end of the Mayan Calendar, but it is meant to represent an end of a Cycle and Age, not the End of the World. There will indeed be an End Time, but with that End, will come another new Beginning, where Life on Earth will be much more positive than it has been throughout recorded history. Effectively, it is a Change of Cycle/Age.

The world needs to know what does the Change of Cycle/Age mean and involve. Everyday, more and more people around the world are realising and learning that 2012 is going to be a year of massive changes that will impact everyone's life. We are experiencing the end of a 26,000-year Cycle as well as end of 2,150-year Age of Pisces, and we are entering a new 26,000-year Cycle and Age of Aquarius. Together with the Changes, we are also experiencing the "Great Shift" or "Cosmic Ascension" and "Planetary Ascension". We will share more information on these critical happenings at a later date.

Change of Ages and Cycles have been happening since time immemorial, but for people currently living on Earth now, this will be the first time that they are actually going to experience one in their lifetime. In reality, there are a certain percentage of people on Earth now who have experienced previous Change of Ages and Cycles in their past lifetimes. Of this group, a small percentage would be able to recover their past-life memories and abilities/skills, to enable them to apply them and their experience to help mankind in dealing with the current Change of Age/Cycle.

This Change had already begun, as far back as 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence, but the main outcomes of this Change will only be seen and experienced by the majority of the world population in the years of 2012-2013.

Our purpose of sharing this information is to inform, so that more people like you can be aware of what is actually happening, so would not be afraid, should you personally experience or hear/read of massive world events that seem to be as described in ancient prophecies. In all the previous Changes of Cycles/Ages on Earth, most life on Earth were indeed wiped out, and life ‘reset’ afterwards.

For this upcoming change of Cycle/Age, the outcome will be different, as the overall level of Consciousness of people on Earth have passed a certain threshold of positivity, and so there is no need to undergo another 'reset' of life. The various ancient texts from different ancient civilisations around the world that have described common massive life-ending catastrophes in the past, such as "The Flood", were actually referring to past Changes of Cycle/Age.

That said, during the period from August 2012 to June 2013, it is expected for major changes to happen, but the peak is expected to be from December 2012 onwards. These changes are part of the transitional/healing process that Earth needs to undergo, as part of the Change/Shift. Major natural disasters are very likely to happen, causing more loss of lives and destruction. Solar flare activities are also likely to happen, resulting in damage to power grids and electronics, and even satellites. This could mean periods of disruptions of power, communications and Internet connections in certain/many parts of the world.

Because of the likely events, Living Light Universe would like to advise caution in your travel plans, especially when travelling to places near the Pacific Ring of Fire, where volcanoes and earthquakes are known to happen. Dormant volcanoes may also come alive during that period. Low lying coastal areas, areas near rivers and foothills are also at risk from water movements/effects. Do stay alert and get to safety fast, at first signs of possible disaster, wherever you may be. Develop and sharpen your intuitive skills, as that could help you to know how to stay safe in times of danger. We urge everyone to help others in need around you.

We would like to highlight that what have been described are considered likely happenings in 2012-2013, but the actual outcomes are still dependent on

the overall Consciousness of people on Earth. Different countries and cities would experience different scenarios, but massive changes would occur nevertheless. Should majority of people have fear and believe in the worst possible scenarios when the events happen, the actual outcomes could in fact worsen.

We need to share this important information here and now, because if majority of people still remain unaware of what is happening to Earth now, when the events described above happen, the likelihood of people being overcome by fear is very high. Having advance notice of what is to come, during times of distress, we hope you can remain strong and calm, quieten your mind, protect yourself from the negative emotions (fear, panic, anger, distrust, etc) around you, listen to your inner voice or intuition, and you'll naturally know what to do, to help yourself as well as the people around you.

2012 would be a landmark year, when many people around the world will be Awakening to what life on Earth is really all about, and will begin to understand their true selves better. While the transitional period in the coming years would be tough for many people, the eventual new world situation would be far more positive and heart-centred than it has ever been before. Science and Spirituality, which have always been on opposing ends, would be coming together to help the world understand our Universe much better, as there will be influential people who can explain the true connections that link them together.  

Just as people need experienced tour guides to assist them in a totally new and different foreign land, the world needs experienced Guides and Masters who are able to assist in navigating through the upcoming changes. There are such people all around the world right now who have the necessary experience and training, and have been tasked with this Universal role, to ensure that everyone can receive the necessary guidance and help, for their highest good. The Universe will ensure that everyone will receive help and guidance of some form, regardless of his/her social status and nationality.

It is for this very reason that Living Light Universe is sharing this information about the significance of 2012, and helping people to heal themselves of their existing health and life issues, so that they can be ready and strong enough to handle the upcoming changes in the future ahead.

By Adrian Ng

“Healing therapist and counsellor Adrian Ng was able to quickly identify my overall needs once I have given him details about myself. The services he offered me was truly beneficial.

During the session, he was aware and sensitive of the situation as well as my concerns and will offer advice accordingly. That, I guess is expected of a Master Soul Being. Amazing.”

~ Wai Keat, Singapore

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