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Living Light Universe specialises in non-religious and holistic healing services and courses, but we understand there is great interest amongst people in healing using Buddhist Sutras. Hence, we would like to introduce Tan Boon Han who has this specialisation:

Hi all, my name is Tan Boon Han. I was a forex trader for many years and life was exceptionally wonderful. However in 2007, my whole life fell into deep pits of hell. I was attacked continuously by the most extreme black magic! I tried every available ways, searching for a cure but all my efforts were useless! My life was hellish every day and every moment! I suffered intensely for 7 over years!

In 2014, I met Adrian Ng and through his powerful healing methods, I was awakened to my life purpose. With strong faith in the Universe and with the direct guidance from Shakyamuni Buddha and Guan Yin Pusa, I was cured totally within 2 weeks!

I thereby dedicate my life to helping the sick and lead people out of various sufferings.

My Past Lives and Spiritual Background

1) I was a famous monk in the Tendai tradition

2) I was a Buddha in the remote past from the Lotus Sutra

3) I have my own Buddha Land but I delayed my Nirvana to help the people on Earth

What I can heal using Buddhist Methods

1) Black Magic and spirit attachments

2) Cancers (Various Stages)

3) Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Insomnia

4) All forms of illnesses that traditional medicine cannot cure

5) Clear bad karma accumulated in the past and present lives

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