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Living Light Universe offers Living LightUp DNA Activation service to activate all your strands of DNA (average person only has 2 DNA strands activated for survival purpose only). Different healers count the DNA strands differently, like sub-dividing core strands into multiple sub-strands, resulting in a wide range from 12 strands to very huge numbers of strands.

We would activate the maximum number of DNA strands that our clients are ready for, and it is a growing process, ie. Once our clients have undergone our Living LightUp DNA Activation service, more and more of their DNA Strands will get activated as they progress in their life.

Besides DNA Activation, we will also recover all your lost Soul fragments from your past lives to regain your full Soul energy, remove all Psychic Hooks draining your energy currently, as well as activate the Divine Living Light in you. We also teach you how to optimise your fully activated DNA as well as grow your Divine Living Light, to develop your full spiritual abilities that the Universe allows you to have in this lifetime. The Benefits are: highly raised vibrational frequency, very much improved self-healing capabilities, much sharper intuitive abilities, opens your potential to develop Psychic abilities and communication abilities with the Higher dimensions, etc.

Read channeled message from Lord Maitreya about Adrian Ng’s Living LightUp DNA Activation service.

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You wish to understand Life and the Universe better to improve your life. You know that what happens in the Universe is much more complex than what can be seen or understood by most people in this world. You feel you are ready to advance further as a Powerful and Positive Soul in the Universe. You want to regain your Inner Power within, to live your life to your Full Potential.

Living LightUp DNA Activation Service in Singapore:


Holistic & Spiritual Healing: Healing of Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul

Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness using QHHT: Know your Past Lives, Life Answers and Life Purpose

For Overseas Clients:

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Both me and my wife are experienced in meditation, and have been meditating for more than 10 years, and we have learnt various kinds of healing from various Masters. But our spiritual and psychic progression seemed to be stuck since last few years, and we were no longer progressing. But just a few days after Adrian’s Living LightUp DNA Activation sessions, we both were able to connect with our Guides and see people’s past lives. It was truly amazing! It was beyond our expectations. We finally found the missing piece in our spiritual advancement path after so many years of searching. We are now considering to start our own spiritual healing business, thanks to Adrian’s valuable help and guidance.

Lastly, we wish to say that Adrian is a no-nonsense kind of guy, very unassuming, down-to-Earth yet highly spiritual and wise in terms of Universal aspects, not the typical spiritual kind who could be out of touch with the reality of Earth life responsibilities.

~ Mr & Mrs Tang, Singapore

I can say that Adrian is very proficient in his healing ability as I could feel the energy run through my arms during his DNA activation session. At least that was my experience, as I was also told that what you experience during the activation will be different for each individual. After the session, for the first time I could feel energy coursing inside my whole body.

I have received kind advice as well as added values from him which was well beyond expectation. Many thanks to you Adrian!

~ Wai Keat, Singapore

Adrian, thanks for the DNA activation session. One thing that I had realized after DNA activation is the disappearance of "heavy heartedness". It is definitely a wonderful feeling.

~ Walter G. Prabhakar, India


Living LightUp DNA Activation Service

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Advanced souls (Old Souls) have been in existence in the Universe for eons of time, and have learnt and grown through countless of past lives. Allow us to guide and help you to know about your soul’s past life experience in the Universe, as well as connect directly with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides (commonly known as Guardian Angels, though they are technically different), as well as other positive Higher Beings in the Universe who wish to meet and communicate with you. Do note that the more advanced your soul is, the more advanced your Guides are, up to the levels of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Deities, various Councils in the Universe and even Source/God/Creator of All That Is.

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