Reincarnation: Why Most People Cannot Recall Their Past-Lives (Part 1)

By Adrian Ng

Note: Though reincarnation is a key aspect of many religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, it is not a religious belief, but a Universal spiritual process to enable souls to learn and grow, or be a part of a planet’s community.

Reincarnation is a complex part of every soul’s journey and existence. This article is just one of many that Living Light Universe will be sharing to help readers understand better about how Life operates on Earth.

A very common argument that people have against reincarnation is: if it happens, then why are people unable to know their past-lives? It is common for people to generalise life matters based on personal experience. The people who know their past-lives through their various reincarnations are not many. Among those living who know their past-lives, the highest profile is the Dalai Lama, the Spiritual Leader of Tibet.

To begin my explanation, Earth can be considered a School for Soul Learning. People (Souls) are born here mainly to learn life lessons, in order to advance and grow spiritually in the Universe. When a person reincarnates into a new life on Earth, all his past-life memories are blocked off within him to enable him to lead his new life without baggage from all his past-lives. This is because life lessons are often tied to negative karma that he has gathered from his previous lives, and the people whom he needs to clear his karma with, are often his loved ones and people he has close contact with.

By blocking his past-life memories, he has much freedom (freewill) to make his life choices but eventually, he would still be required to learn his life lessons, fulfill his pre-planned soul contract and clear his negative karma.

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Thanks Adrian for guiding me to experience a totally different perspective of my life. Adrian conducted my session smoothly and professionally.  Under his patient guidance, I was able to gather useful information from my past life, to meet and seek advices from my guides at the higher realm and to address my current life issues by having a special 'conversation' with my highest self. I am grateful for what I have gained from this Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. It was an enjoyable and amazing experience.

With love and many blessings,

Hoon, Singapore


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